Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Introducing Sharon


My name is Sharon and I have been making cards for about 2 years now.  

My story is much like a lot of other crafters - nothing spectacular.  As a child I loved to colour and draw - copying cartoon characters etc.  I did crocheting which was taught to me by my Nan. My Nan was very creative and made everything from duvets, to men’s vests, knitting both hand and machine etc.  She loved in the Seventies to collect shells and coloured glass and cover lamp bases, tables and jars - so you could say she was into altered art.  I guess I take after my Nan, I knitted, sewed, did soft furnishings, loved to bake, cross stitch, jewelery making - you name it, I tried it!  
Like so many children at sixteen I had no idea what I really wanted to do with life and so I went into the administration world and worked for many years in this field  but I never envisaged working for 30 years doing this!
I had tried doing a couple of Art evening classes (Painting and drawing) at the local Art College but being a single Mother this was quite difficult with holding down a full time job.  I had many times thought about doing a HND in Fine Arts but finances played a part in not doing this.  I did on the other hand do a couple of City and Guilds Soft Furnishing course and even a City and Guilds Massage course.  I also did an A Level in English Literature.  I loved playing with make-up and even did an evening course in this when I was very young.
After being retired on ill health grounds at 46 I did nothing for a few years - but still having the burning desire to paint and draw I decided to take up card making.  I had done a little stamping, painting and drawing with my Son when he was young.  Not being able to consider doing a full time course, I thought I would start gently with colouring so I got some Copics and joined an on-line Copics colouring class.  I went on Youtube and watched people colouring, watched where the shadows on people’s faces were when I was watching the TV etc and here I am a fully fledged crafter loving all aspects of crafting and continually trying to perfect and develop my own style.

Help me Welcome Sharon to the CMM Family. We are excited to have  her join us and share her cerations with all of you. 

Come back tomorrow for our final DT Member reveal. 


  1. Hey Sharon,
    Glad to meet you, I'm new as well, can't wait to see what everyone does.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    So good to see you. I enjoyed working with you on SWC DT.
    Congrats on your DT position! You are very talented.
    Huggies ~